How to Get Really High from Smoking Weed

Whether you’re with friends or chilling at home, smoking weed is always a fun time. It can make you euphoric, giggly, and even help counteract a plethora of physical and mental health symptoms. What’s more, it’s easy to control just how high you get. Some situations call for a mild and subtle high, but it also helps to know how to get really high from smoking weed.

Keep in mind that getting super high isn’t always the best option. It can lead to a greater risk of feeling anxious, dizzy, or paranoid, and some users might find the effects a little too overwhelming. With that said, if you’re a seasoned cannabis user who wants to take themselves to new heights, here are some of the best ways to increase your marijuana high.

Smoke The Most Potent Strains Of Weed

When you’re trying to get as high as possible, sometimes it starts with the strain you choose. Not all weed is the same- some strains taste better, some have fresher and denser buds, and some simply hit you harder than others. Those looking for the strongest high possible will want to buy the most potent strains available.

Weed potency is usually all about THC levels. Strains with around 10-15% THC will give you a milder high whereas strains with 15-20% THC will hit you a little harder. But for the most powerful effects possible, you’ll want to find strains that pack THC levels of over 20%. These are sure to give you a strong high even with just a few hits.

If you’re looking for a hard-hitting high, your best bet is to buy weed online. That way you can find all kinds of powerful strains to suit your needs. For instance, Gas Mask is a potent indica-dominant strain with an average THC level of 22% whereas Lemon Kush buds can pack as much as 26% THC.

Add Some Cannabis Concentrates To Your Joints

Rolling a joint is one of the best and easiest ways to get high. It’s perfect for sharing with friends but can also make for some cozy home smoking sessions. There are also a few ways to make your joints stronger. For instance, some Rolling Papers can pack more weed than others and you can even combine them to roll cross joints. However, there’s also an even better way.

Adding a small dose of any Cannabis Concentrate to your joint can give you an extremely strong high. These are concentrated products that contain extra high levels of THC- often upwards of 80%. While you can’t roll them in a joint by themselves, you can put them on top of weed so that both products will burn smoothly together and you’ll get the effects of both.

There are various types of concentrates you can add to your joint. For instance, Hash can crumble nicely into a joint whereas adding a few dabs of melted Shatter to your weed can rapidly raise the potency. You can even mix and match your favorite strains to make for an especially enjoyable smoking session.

Use A Smoking Device For Bigger Hits

Although there are plenty of methods to make your joints stronger, you can also get higher by changing up the way you smoke. There are now tons of smoking devices out there that can give you smooth and powerful hits on top of making the whole experience of smoking quicker and easier.

If you want to get super high super quickly, you might want to invest in a Weed Pipe. These allow you to pack your bowl with plenty of weed and take as many hits as you want. Alternatively, you can try using a Bong. Bongs are just as convenient to smoke out of as Pipes, but they offer even bigger hits as well as making your hits smoother with water.

Other options are also available. For instance, a Twisty Glass Blunt offers a unique and powerful smoking experience. You can also get a similar experience to smoking without the harsh hits by using a Vaporizer. Not only does it offer a smoother experience, but vaporizing weed can hit you even harder than smoking it.


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